Residential and Commercial Architecture planning and design

Little Red Rooster is the rare design firm whose core belief is:

A client’s vision is the single-greatest source for creativity, inspiration, and invention.

This unique client-centric philosophy drives design solutions that define Little Red Rooster by the diversity of it’s work product rather than a signature style. As a result, the value brought to our clients lies in our ability to deliver their vision no matter how eccentric or traditional it may be…... so challenge us!


Established in 2018 by Phillip D. Badalamenti, NCARB

Little Red Rooster is a full-service architecture firm with experience in commercial, residential, and municipal design and planning.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, in addition to its private client work, Little Red Rooster is fully committed to applying it’s unique approach and capabilities to actively address the workforce housing crisis in the Florida Keys. Through partnerships with similarly focused local individuals, organizations, and government agencies while emphasizing hurricane resistance, sustainability, and harmony with site, neighborhood, and the environment.