Phill’s Story:

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Phill wanted to be an architect from a very young age, so he is living his dream in the Florida Keys with his wife of 21 years Iveta, and his three boys Biagio, Enzo, and Aldo!

Phill has been practicing architecture for over 28 years since graduating from The Tulane University School of Architecture in 1991. He started his career and became a registered architect in the State of Ohio in 1999, and after a brief 18-month “layover” in Charlotte, NC, became a Keys resident in 2015. Phill has won national and international design awards at both the collegiate and professional levels, but beyond that, is also more than happy to nerd out on some code research or read into the technical specs for a new building material! In other words, Phill takes great deal of pride in being a well-rounded professional who is equally committed to excellence not only in design, but also in delivery, with the experience and capacity to produce creative, yet practical and cost-effective solutions for his clients.

Besides Chicago and Delta blues, you’ll find Phill listening to 80’s/90’s alternative music, or getting the Led out while listening to 60’s and 70’s classic rock.


Little Red Rooster’s Story:

Little Red Rooster’s story has just begun, and we are actively looking for clients to assist us with the writing! Our mission and approach are simple:

Little Red Rooster will attract and employ dedicated and knowledgeable talent with the skills, technical capacity, and creativity necessary to translate our clients’ visions into reality within budget, on schedule, and at a fair price.

Like it’s home of Key West, Little Red Rooster is dedicated to diversity and will identify and retain talent based solely upon their ability to be open-minded, their dedication to our core belief, and their willingness to accept guidance from, and respect the opinions of, both clients and colleagues. In return, they will be provided with the support, tools, and training necessary to achieve project objectives and be enriched personally, professionally, and financially through their experience with the firm.

By way of daily interaction with great clients and talented energetic colleagues, ownership will look forward to having fun every day working toward the pride and gratification than can be had by seeing a client’s vision realized.

What’s the story with the rooster?!

You mean besides the fact that the Florida Keys are sick with roosters?
OK, here you go:

Written by Willie Dixon for Howlin’ Wolf, “Little Red Rooster” was originally issued as “The Red Rooster” by Chess Records in 1961. While Dixon’s song was minimal and the lyrical content understated, it was sufficiently powerful to inspire decades of covers by the likes of Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton, Sam Cooke, Willie Dixon himself, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Luther Allison, and The Grateful Dead, among others. With each new recording came a new interpretation of the song, some with slightly different lyrics and even added verses, but all with one underlying theme: that the rooster brings harmony to the yard! Little Red Rooster, as a firm, looks at each project as an opportunity to assist our clients in finding harmony, and much like the song, is happy to allow each client to define what the firm means to them.

Phill’s preferred version is by Luther Allison. You can listen to it here.